Why can European nations afford universal health care and the USA can’t?


Because in a single payer system the single payer has all the power to haggle for better prices, which the European nations do to make universal health care affordable. In the US system the providers basically are free to charge whatever they want. With a product and service like health care which is literally vital they can charge extremely high prices simply because the only alternative is suffering and death.

Or in short: the US system lets providers exploit and basically blackmail patients into paying astronomical prices. This system is not health care, it’s a exploitation scheme to make the providers rich and as a byproduct treat a few illnesses if it cannot be avoided.

The USA can afford universal health care. Our oligarchy/plutocracy/corporatocracy form of government stands in the way and brainwashes otherwise intelligent people to believe it’s not practical or even possible. Yes intelligent people can clearly see that universal or single payer systems work much better than our for profit corporate welfare system yet they are convinced it could never work. The owners of this country are expert at mananipulatting, swaying and controlling personal thought.

Now? With 1/3 of the country hating the other 1/3, and 1/3 no longer paying attention? Probably not going to happen.

Things like universal healthcare require a united electorate that doesn’t hate each other, or an authoritarian government that can force citizens to do things against their will without getting kicked out of office in the next election.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it.

The US could easily afford universal healthcare, for far less than you currently spend on healthcare. Your problem is that a lot of people make mega-bucks from the existing system and are determined to block any attempt to change it.

The USA can afford it. Everywhere that has it spends much less on health care per person than the USA, & most of them spend less taxpayers money per head.

The problem the USA has is that it spends money on health care very wastefully indeed. Its administrative costs are staggering, & the poor availability of primary care leads to a lot of poor people not seeing a health professional until they need emergency care, which is vastly more expensive than early treatment.

The US can afford universal health care, but chooses not to for political reasons. Too many of our politicians have a knee-jerk reaction against anything that can be called “socialized medicine.”

The US can certainly afford universal health care. We pay more for health care than countries with universal systems, but serve a smaller portion of our population. As a bonus, we get worse results for our extra cash.

Why doesn’t the USA do it then? Because the USA is run by the rich 1% who convince people to vote against their best interests with drivel like “make America great again” when America is already great.

If uneducated people vote against their best interests you get – American Healthcare!

My big regret is that I’m not making millions off those suckers – what was I thinking, living a hard working, caring life when I could be on a beach somewhere living off the suckers. You live and learn. See now you’ve made me cynical. You see I care about others – that’s my problem – the 1% don’t.

Most of those European countries had their universal healthcare systems put in place generations ago. Maybe the US could have had it then too.

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