What is the cheapest email marketing software to send 10k emails per day?


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First you need to have good custom SMTP server because none of email service provider companies will give you to send 1 milion emails per day or whole day without at least 10 000$ per month maybe even more.

Second you gona need VPS with business domain, nameservers, dns and hostname setup.

People do nt understand about that emails does not send with software.You can have mautic or mailster for illustration but this software needs to be connected to SMTP who can send this big amount of emails.

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In my opinion, all email marketing software charge high cost a lots of money if you intend to send more than 1 Milion email to unlimited users, therefore I recommend you to create your own email marketing software that using your own SMTP server and your own email provide marketing application, for illustration you can try to use the cheapest SMTP which is AMAZON SES and email marketing app such like as MAILWIZZ to set up your own system. after that you can reach up to 100K with a reasonable cost of 10 dollar only!!!

I’m not also sure if it’s the cheapest email sender marketing software, But when it compares with other similar features software. It’s much cheaper and good to use. This software provides better uptime quality and comprehensive services at a fairly very low price. Then are some features

For email sender marketing, The most essential part is sending as many business emails as we can. This tool can send literally unlimited business emails at the same time due to it has the best multi-threads technology. No matter how many emails it can all handle. Just one click. thousands of emails will be sent.

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For this, you’ll have to take the support of a good tool or software, now you can send automated 2k emails together. You’ll have actually good knowledge about email marketing when you do marketing, so you’ll also know that there are multiplex tools that spend money and give us good email marketing.

DailyMails Automate software is one similar software that offers automation business marketing autoresponder services with very low cost.

High Delivery Rate

Dailymails delivery configuration is suitable of handling huge quantities of Omni-Channel ( Push, Email, Automated Call and SMS) notices while guaranteeing delivery in Inbox.

Autoresponder Series

Use our Automation sender Platform to bring about Omni-Channel ( Push, Email, Automated Call and SMS) Autoresponder series Notifications and turn casual subscribers into paying clients.

It can also find out literally thousands of potential customers email and hotmail addresses from any websites. which means we do n’t need to purchase them from a provider. It can really save us a lot of time and energy. what we’ve to do is intake keywords, it can auto detect as many email addresses as we wish.

It supports auto preheat sending accounts to upgrade email’s inbox rate. which can make email marketing more efficient.

There are also a lot of email templates in it, it’s convenient for marketers to use.

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Advanced Stats

See details results of every campaign in a beautifully formattedreport.Visualize opens, clicks, bounces, charges and countries with maps & data.

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In extension to the answers provided below, I ’d like to illuminate the importance of verifying these email addresses before emailing them.

It sounds like you have n’t traded with this full amount of emails until now, so I would suggest taking that list through an email list verifier. What does one do? It verifies the emails from your list, one by one, and lets you find out which ones are valid, and which ones do n’t exist anymore, are wrong etc.

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