What are some cryptocurrency trading tricks?


Whether you are a beginner or a pro at trading, the main way to go about this is – regular learning and analyzing the market.

I learnt this the hard way, after committing my $200 mistake.

When I started my trading journey, I lost $200 in just like 10 minutes. After which I sat back and thought a lot about it and realized what caused this mistake.

In the beginning I was too enthusiastic about trading and had put in my blood and sweat to understand it in and out. I made $1000 profit in a week from trading, after which I just stopped reading and asking questions from my mentor—just the next day after that week.

I completely did not review any of the charts, ignored going through the trends, and didn’t do any of the tweaks that I had earlier planned to discuss with my community and mentors.

I got into this mentorship in the first place because I wanted to learn right, shorten the learning curve, and get better by my coaches’ & other experts’ wisdom.

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Best Crypto Trading Strategies

Reverse Trading.
Momentum Trading.
Buy the Dips & Hold.
Follow the Trend.

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These simple steps will help you get started with your research to ensure you are not investing in a scam or fraudulent project:

Cryptocurrency traders should always research the team. If a team member has a questionable past, investing is probably a bad idea.

Google the name of the coin plus the word “scam.” Are there reports of fraud? If so, steer clear.

Is the asset available on established and regulated exchanges, or only small shady exchanges with low volume? If so, it’s probably a safer bet than other assets and probably a better option for crypto trading beginners.

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Some of the most successful cryptocurrency trading tricks are:

Get reliable information about cryptocurrency news on a daily basis so that you can take advantage of the market condition faster than others.

2 Prices of Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. They give you ample opportunities of making multiple trades to make small profits.

3 Don’t invest in Bitcoin only. Invest in other cryptos and altcoins such as Chainlink (LINK), Uniswap (UNI), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Aave (AAVE), and many more. This will help you create a balanced portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

4 Don’t invest all your investible money in a cryptocurrency all at once. Try to invest a part of the investible amount on a regular interval (daily, weekly, every 2-weeks, monthly, etc.) to get the advantage of the Dollar-Cost Averaging method.

5 Time your entry and exit of the crypto market by using the technicals.

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The best way to learn about cryptocurrency is by joining the Crypto Insiders community!

Alright now that the harmless shill is out of the way… (wondering what a shill is? read on)

There are a variety of ways to learn about cryptocurrency but the best way is tailored towards your goals. Are you learning about cryptocurrency for informational purposes or are you an aspiring investor/trader who doesn’t know where to begin.

I have omitted certain exchanges from this list because they either have: low liquidity, unreasonable fees, or poor reputations. Since you are an aspiring investor or trader it is crucial that you find an exchange that is trustworthy, liquid, and can serve as a direct channel for transferring fiat (currency a government denotes as legal tender) into the crypto economy.

Before you rush to sign up and make your first purchase, you should determine how much capital you are going to allocate to trading or investing in cryptocurrency.

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