Does anyone know anyone who lost money in crypto-trading?


I recently lost all I have to crypto trading and it’s been a shocking and disheartening aftermath experience so far. I got some money from my sister around $600 and added some of my own around $400 which I made working as a ghostwriter on After losing this sum I couldn’t face my Sister and thought to get some loan to help out. I still couldn’t turn the tide around and now have to pay back those loans without and finances. On a daily I receive messages and calls with threats to arrest me, post my details across social media as a fraudster, blacklisting my bank accounts, calling my contacts and several other stuffs. It’s not been a really good experience though. I’ve tried reaching out to a lot of persons to clear off these loans. I’m optimistic that it’s just one phase of life.

Cryptocurrency addiction, according to current research and inferences drawn from other compulsive gambling activities, can lead to mental health symptoms such as stress, anxiety, sadness, and mania.

Trading in Bitcoin can result in significant profits, but it is not without danger. In fact, the price of Bitcoin fluctuates so much that even experienced traders can easily get whipsawed and lose a lot of money. As a result, trading Bitcoin incorrectly is perhaps the simplest way to lose money in Bitcoin.

But anyway, investing is always a win-lose, no matter where you invest. I still believe in this market. Also, you can invest in different ways which, for example, NFTs, you can even generate NFTs and sell if you are a creator with FANDOMS. Conversely, the platform also allows you to buy tokens (FANBITS) and support your idols. Mutual benefits, not just traditional crypto trading.

I have account in trade12. I don’t know actually what to say. About 6 months ago I have requested to withdraw 100 US but they didn’t send to my account for about one month’s. After I chat with them and send them mail for several times abut my problem. They said they already informed to financial dept . But u didn’t get any response. Then I decided to withdraw all of money from account and request for withdraw. I didn’t get my still now. I chat with them more than 20 times and I send them email for about 15 tomes. They just give answer we already informed to financial dept. At last I call to their office number and they also reply same. I don’t know what’s the problem. I am still waiting for my money. Besides I send them my bank details more than 5 time. I didn’t get any reply from them. I’m glad I found really helpful reviews which pointed me to re3ve on tellhegramm They solved my problem completely.Please do not trust any fake brokerage

There is no strategy to prevent losses altogether. So the main thing is to limit losses and therefore risks. Money management is about how much money you should invest in your trades. For example, a 2% risk means that you are willing to lose 2% of your capital in a trade.

BitBox app started by BitEx IT Solutions PVT LTD in Pune in 2017. The app used for trading of BitCoins and was available on Google Play store. There were more than 15,000 active users for this app. But in mid of 2018 they suddenly removed app from play store and stopped working. Number of active users who deposited money through this app in BitEx IT Solutions PVT LTD bank account lost there money as well as BitCoins. The users who lost there money please file police complain against it.

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