I’m born and raised in England. I’ve developed skills in various areas of the Digital world. I do Graphic and web design, branding, special effects and 3d animation.  Friendly and creative, I’m always looking to improve my personal and professional skills. I’ve worked as a freelance graphic designer and a Media and Games developer which allowed me to embrace a broad range of skills in the specified area.



    • Why Me?

      My skills cover a range of different visual software’s such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects. I have experience in working within a team. I’ve done different graphic and web design projects,where i was involved in installations and exhibitions. This has given me a lot of experience helping me either to work as a freelance artist or for a company

    • What i have learnt

      I think that a person is learning during his entire life. I want to develop and gain new skills and approve the ones I’ve already got in order to fulfil my clients expectations.

    • Teamwork

      I have experience in working within a team of professionals. During my education I’ve participated in exhibitions, installations and group projects that allowed me to communicate and develop my social skills.

    • Hobbies

      My main interests in my life involve media such as films, TV and games. These elements involved relate to the types of work i produce, therefore giving me a key interest in this field. Not only do i play and enjoy these types of media’s, i also analyse the factors which i can then include in my own pieces of work.


2009 – 2010 (Media)

2010 – 2012 (Games Design)

2012 – 2015 (BA Hons Digital Arts)